Medical Revenue Cycle Management

Maximum Reimbursement in a Minimum of Time!

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is the provider who knows that in order to secure maximum reimbursement in a minimum of time, a specialist must be hired. Our customer is the small- to medium-sized sole practitioner, group, or facility that is too small to warrant a business office FTE but still wants full-time access to the business office for themselves and their patients. Our customer wants to see zero adjustments on their books other than contractual adjustments and zero over 90 days and wants the services and consultation of an expert who can partner with them to achieve that. 


  • Experience with many specialties
  • Experience with many provider types - physician, facility, home equipment, non-physician providers
  • Full RCM or component-only


  • Your EHR/PM/Clearinghouse or ours
  • Full Contract Commitment or Project-Only
  • On-Demand Software solutions available


  • Maximum reimbursement in minimum time
  • Certification and commitment to continuing education
  • Proven claims tracking system